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INFO Server Rules & Punishments

Discussion in 'Rules & Information' started by yessey1998, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. yessey1998

    yessey1998 Server Owner

    Minecraft account: yessey1998
    Nov 30, 2017
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    1. Using Hacks/Hacked Client
    using hacks or a hacked client is obviously not allowed on our server, Our staff is always on the lookout and we use several prevention & Punishment plugins!

    Min Punishment: 12 Day IPBan
    Max Punishment: Perm. IPBan

    2. Swearing, Racism or Discrimination

    We want everyone to feel welcome to join and enjoy pixelvortex, Thats why its not allowed to swear, make racist comments in any way or dicriminate someone!

    Min Punishment: 24 Hour Mute

    Max Punishment: Perm. Mute

    3. Spamming

    Everyone knows how anoying it is when someone starts spamming the server, thats why spamming is definitly not allowed!

    Min Punishment: 24 Hour Mute

    Max Punishment: 48 Hour Mute

    4. Disrespecting Staff
    Our staff work hard so you can enjoy the server and everything on it, Please try be polite to them, If not you will be Punished

    Min Punishment: 24 Hour Mute

    Max Punishment: 48 Hour Ban

    5. DDoS Threat

    We don't negotiate with terrorists ;)

    Max Punishment: 31 Days Ban.

    6. Advertising
    You are not allowed to advertise or mention other servers, products, sites or anything non-relative to pixelvortex!

    Min Punishment: 7 Days Mute
    Max Punishment: Perm. Mute

    For every rule you break you get a warning + saction, If you are over 10 warnings your acces will be permanently denied!
    Not following these rules may result in Punishments wich remove acces to our server and website
    Lost accounts, purchases or anything related will not be refunded or compensated!
    As soon as you join our server you agree to these terms.
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